Why No One Follows You On Social Media: 3 Things You Could Be Doing Better

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No. It’s really not.

What value are you providing?

Because you aren’t providing any real consistent value, people have no reason to stick around.

You aren’t building yourself or your company into the #1 most valuable resource in your industry.

News flash: It doesn’t work that way anymore.

So, how do you provide real value?

1. Know Your Audience’s Pain Points

It’s about knowing what your audience is struggling with, specifically, and what they want to learn more about.

If this is your social strategy, you are not focusing on your audience’s pain points.

Find as many audience pain points as you can, and then address them directly.

2. Remember: Brand Second, People First

I’m a firm believer that the brands who survive tomorrow will be the ones who can set their egos aside and put people first today.

3. Trust Your Viewers

Trust your viewers.

Too many brands fall into the trap of spending 90% of their effort into being promotional, and 10% into providing value.

You should spend 90% of your effort on providing value, and 10% of your effort asking for something in return.

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