Why It’s So Important To Create Your Own Category As A Writer (Thread)

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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past few years is how important Category Creation is to your success as a content creator/writer.

Unfortunately, very few writers think about this—and no one ever explains how it works.

Every writer imitates in the beginning.

At what point do you forge a path of your own?

Every category that has been created has a current Category King.

This is where the solution is also the problem.

And it’s nearly impossible to “win” that way.

New categories get created every single day.

Instead, books that catch wildfire are chalked up to having:

  • A clever title
  • A beautiful cover
  • “Amazing marketing”
  • The support of a big publishing house
  • Etc.

But these aren’t the things that really moved the needle.

The way you create a category of your own is by making a clear distinction between what exists and what is NEW and DIFFERENT.

Instead of saying, “I’m a horror writer” (of which there are 8 gazillion all trying to compete with Stephen King), you can say, “I’m a Space Horror writer. All my horror stories take place in outer space.”

Boom. That’s DIFFERENT.

Competing with other writers, especially in a category they successfully created, is a fool’s game.

It’s an uphill battle, and you are disadvantaged at every turn.

Instead, you are far better allowing them to have what is theirs and CREATING a new and different category of your own.

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