Why Downtime Is The Secret To Productivity

Productivity has more to do with what you DON’T do.

1. Slow Down To Speed Up

Slow down to speed up.

Before you run off to the races, take a step back.

Focus on what’s most important, get your mind right, and then get to work.

2. Prevent, Don’t React

Preventative medicine works a whole lot better than something reactionary.

You make time for a lot of other things, you can make time to take care of your most important asset: yourself.

Clear your head and then re-approach the work.

3. Make Time To Do Nothing

Time spent doing nothing does an amazing thing to the mind.

When you take a step back and allow yourself to regenerate, you will inherently bring more excitement and drive to your work when you do return.

The point is to, quite literally, do nothing.

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