Why All Creators Should Build For A Small, Weird Bunch Of People

Nicolas Cole
5 min readNov 9, 2022

Do you know what a Superconsumer is?

  • A “Super” is the scrapbooking fanatic who owns not one, but a dozen different pairs of scissors — each one designed to cut different shapes from paper.
  • A “Super” is the online course enthusiast who buys not one, but a degree’s worth of online courses — each one providing slightly different information than the last.
  • A “Super” is the photographer who shoots with not one, but a backpack full of cameras, lenses, and filters — each one playing a crucial role in crafting the perfect photo.

Supers are the consumers pushing the category forward.

They are receptive to the new. They are looking for “different.” They’re a small, weird group of people. And if you can get even 1% of the Supers in the top 10% of consumers in the category connected to your new and different future, you’ll become the Category King.

Your Supers will tell other Supers. And so on, and so on…

Here’s why you want to build for you Supers — instead of everyone else.

The Power Of Superconsumers

The biggest benefit of Superconsumers comes down to simple math.

Pound for pound, Supers generate the most power in a category. They’re the first to spot breakthrough products and business model innovations — and are quick to point out their frustrations with current category offerings. In fact, Supers leave so many digital breadcrumbs, that if you see anyone commenting extensively about a category on social media, an online review, or a Reddit forum, it’s 99% likely they are a Superconsumer.

We all have friends who are Supers:

  • The winos who arrive for a casual night of drinks with seven different types of wine glasses
  • The self-help readers who own every book in the genre
  • The sound engineers who collect studio amps and vintage microphones
  • The music fans who like to brag about how they were listening to rock band Greta Van Fleet before they won a Grammy

Although Supers are few in number — usually about 10% of consumers for a…



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