What Is Digital Writing: 7 Rules To Live By

Nicolas Cole
8 min readNov 7, 2023

Let’s talk fundamentals.

Specifically, the fundamentals of writing in an age of global internet connections, lightweight laptops, notification-buzzing smartphones, and noisy Twitter chatter.

The Dream Of Escaping To A Cabin In The Woods Is Dead

Nearly every aspiring writer shares this daydream in common:

“If only I could save up enough money. Then, I could quit my job and go escape into a cabin in the woods. There, everything would be quiet. There would be no distractions! And I could finally, finally start writing.”

But guess what?

Aside from the fact this daydream is unrealistic, it’s also a lie.

You will not write “more” when you’re by yourself, alone in a cabin in the woods. In fact, you’ll likely do everything you’re already doing right now in your life. You’ll watch Netflix on your phone. You’ll call your friends and ask them to keep you entertained. Or, instead of writing, you’ll rationalize doing something sort-of-like-writing — like reading!

But you won’t write.

And do you know why?

Because how you start writing doesn’t begin by quitting your job, running away from modern-day society, and hiding away in a cabin in the woods.

Start Writing Online

Writing in the digital age means embracing both the tools and the distractions of modern society.

  • Is Twitter noisy? Yea, it is. So how can you use that noise and constant chatter to your benefit? You can use Twitter to research what topics readers want to read about. You can use Twitter to test small ideas before investing huge portions of your life into tackling big ideas. You can use Twitter to engage with readers directly, gather feedback, and practice in public.
  • Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? You probably do. We all do. But instead of complaining about how you “never have time to write,” how can you use today’s tools to write on the go? Better yet, how can not-having-enough-time-to-write become a forcing function for you to cut the fluff from your writing and get straight to the point? Having a…



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