This 1 Mindset Determines Whether Or Not You Become Successful

Nicolas Cole
2 min readMar 16, 2020

Short post, but it’s important.

Unsuccessful people’s favorite phrase is, “I don’t have time.”

There are other ones too: “I don’t have the resources. I don’t have the support. I don’t have the network. I don’t have a good relationship with my family. I’m emotionally drained. I’m depressed. I’m too nervous. I’m not a people person. It’s not that easy.”

But the truth is, all excuses come back to one grand excuse, and that’s the beloved concept of time.

And we all have the time.

  • If you have the time to browse Instagram while you’re sitting on the toilet…
  • If you have the time to take 20-minute showers in the morning…
  • If you have the time to call your friend to talk about what Kim Kardashian did today…
  • If you have the time to watch your favorite Netflix show…
  • If you have the time to spend an hour and a half cooking yourself a nice dinner…
  • If you have the time to take care of your friend’s dog…
  • If you have the time to deep scrub your bathroom floor…
  • If you have the time to read the entire Twilight series…twice…
  • If you have the time to take an afternoon nap…

If you have the time to do any of the above, then you have the time (more than enough time) to follow your dreams, do what you love, and become really really successful.

The only problem is: time is exceedingly easy to waste.

Never before, in the entire history of the human race, has it been easier to waste time. In fact, our entire digital culture encourages each and every one of us to remain connected, busy, and distracted from our own emotional wants and needs.

So, what is the 1 factor that separates those who become successful compared to those who don’t?

Successful people are aware of their time.

They invest it.

They protect it.

They reflect on it.

They spend it sparingly.

And as more and more technology begins to infiltrate our lives — more platforms, more messages, more expectations — it will become exponentially easier to scroll, swipe, and forget altogether what we were even hoping to accomplish by using technology in the first place.

Unsuccessful people, while scrolling through Instagram, say, “I don’t have time.”

Successful people do what they have to (want to, need to) get done, DONE.



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