There Are 2 Types Of Friendships

I didn’t have a group of friends in high school.

From 1st to 8th grade, I did. And we did everything together: had sleepovers, played video games, went paintballing, ding-dong-ditched neighbors, had Beanie Baby wars in the basement, built forts, begged our parents to let us order Domino’s Pizza every friday after school, raced Razor scooters, fought over girls, stood up for each other on the playground, made other friends, and eventually, grew apart.

I showed up to our lunch table one day in 8th grade, only to find my seat taken by someone else.

My “group of friends” in high school lived inside my computer.

I didn’t attend any school dances (until my senior prom), didn’t sneak beer and cigarattes in some kid’s basement on the weekends. Instead, I spent as much time as possible in the World of Warcraft — where I competed alongside many of the other highest-ranked players in North America.This taught me, at a very young age, there are 2 types of friendships in life.

You go to the same school. You sit next to each other in class. You run into each other all the time in town, and get to know each other, and spend time with each other, because it’s convenient.

You are both moving in the same direction. You both want the same things out of life — and are willing to push each other to get there. Your friendship is integral to the direction you want to move your life, not separate.

Since that fateful day in 8th grade, all of my closest friends have been made along the path I was already walking myself.

We helped each other get to wherever we wanted to go.

And as a result, I consider them friends for life.

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