The Real ROI Of Building A Personal Brand (Most People Don’t Get This)

They think about personal branding like they do programmatic advertising.

If they spend X, they want X+Y back.

This is the worst way to think about the ROI of personal branding.

People don’t follow ads. People don’t follow press releases or features. People don’t follow agendas.

What creates a personal brand, and what ultimately positions you as an authority in your space, is the consistent act of sharing what you know.

When you become someone worth knowing, here’s the sort of ROI you can expect to see in return:

These are all things founders, CEOs, executives, investors, venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors want.

The problem is, a press feature doesn’t give you an audience. And ads don’t build trust.

I’ll even give you the magic formula:

What Question Am I Trying To Answer?


What Personal Story Can I Share That Reveals How I Learned That Answer For Myself?

This is the golden intersection.

So, what’s the real ROI of building a personal brand?

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