The 6 Standout Habits Of 100 Legendary Writers That Guarantee Great Writing

Nicolas Cole
6 min readMay 23, 2024

I want to help you get rid of those pesky distractions stopping you from getting started with your writing.

And what better way to dive in than by studying the routines of legendary writers?

I spent hours studying Gary Halbert, Jerry Seinfeld, David Ogilvy, Ernest Hemingway, James Clear, Maya Angelou, and more. They all had their own quirks. But surprisingly, a few things kept showing up time and time again.

The most prolific writers of our time knew one essential thing.

The best writing is not a result, it’s a BYPRODUCT.

These authors didn’t sit down and go from blank page to the next “Great American Novel.”

Instead, they built their daily writing habit into their life. Writing every day was easy for them because of the way they did everything else. Turns out, these systems work.

Let’s dive into 6 habits.

Habit #1: Take long walks

Steve Jobs, Charles Darwin, and Mary Oliver — all “creative walkers.”

Daily walks were the staple of their creative process.

  • Thinking
  • Listening



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