The #1 Overlooked Step To Unlocking High-ticket Ghostwriting Opportunities

Nicolas Cole
3 min readNov 16, 2023

I want to help you take the easiest and most overlooked step to unlocking top-tier opportunities as a writer on the internet.


Call yourself a Premium Ghostwriter.

It’s literally that simple.

Words matter.

Why “what” you call yourself is THE position you hold in your customers mind (and their wallet):

When you hear the term “Freelance Writer,” what do you think of?

It’s probably something like: underpaid, over-caffeinated, jack-of-all-trades writer, who spends hours on Upwork competing for the “highest” price they can “underbid” the competition on? Is that what you want? Probably not.

Stop calling yourself a Freelance Writer.

And start calling yourself a Premium Ghostwriter.

Here’s why:

Reason #1: Ghostwriting implies that you are NOT an average freelance writer.

Millions of people call themselves “freelance writers.”

When you call yourself the same exact thing, you are making it HARDER for yourself to stand out. Simply by calling yourself something other than a “freelance writer,” you immediately stand out. Yes, that’s literally how it works.

Calling yourself a “ghostwriter” is the fastest way to start separating yourself from the competition.

Reason #2: Ghostwriting means you’re hired by a business leader (not a business).

As a ghostwriter, you work directly with business leaders, and as a result, unlock a different level of access to opportunities.

Freelance writers are typically hired by content marketing teams to churn out branded content (blog posts, newsletters, landing pages, etc.). Since these are highly commoditized assets, and there are millions of freelance writers, many of these writers are treated like virtual assistants (and paid accordingly). It’s a race to the bottom. Ghostwriting allows you to work…



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