My $3,000,000 Cold Outreach Framework

How To Land Your Next Ghostwriting Client

Nicolas Cole
8 min readMay 16, 2024


Today I want to help you land more deals with one of the most powerful ways to get clients: cold outreach.

When it comes to increasing your income as a ghostwriter, most people know they need to get more clients.

Yet, the vast majority of people sit around waiting for clients to land in their inbox. They rely on word of mouth marketing to get client referrals or hope their warm lead content creation will attract new clients. Don’t get me wrong, these are both important ways of finding clients. But they aren’t reliable. You can’t control who sends referrals your way. And you can’t control who sees your content (the algorithm does)

The one method you have more control over than any other: cold outreach.

When I was building my multi-million dollar ghostwriting agency, 80% of our work came from cold outreach.

So why don’t more people do cold outreach?

People are scared they will sound “salesy” in their cold outreach.

Let me tell you something: this is a big lie in our society.

And I’m sorry someone, somewhere, told you that “sales” means being a money-grabbing…



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