I agree with you—and me not spending one or two or three paragraphs saying those things in this 1 particular piece doesn't mean I deny those truths in life.

But let's play that out:

What's the advice for those people then? "Hey, you tried, but oh well." That's not very inspiring stuff.

The world is hard. Obstacles are everywhere. Every single person has their own unique bag of challenges. Personally, I don't find an inspiring "Point of View" of life to be, "And so, that's the way it goes, and some people get lucky and some people don't." No. I believe, regardless of your bag of problems, you still have and ALWAYS have the soul, the desire, the spirit to keep fighting onward.

Is it harder for some people than others? Yes. Obviously. As a white man in America, I'd be an idiot to try to argue against that.

But I'd rather stand for the POTENTIAL for everyone to do something great than stand for the acceptance of defeat.

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