Category Design Tip: Want More Views On Your Writing? Create A Captivating POV

Nicolas Cole
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Unique POVs move the world from the way it is to a new, different way of doing things.

In order to change the world and unlock exponential breakthroughs, you have to reject the premise with a unique POV.

Legendary POVs have a simple architecture:

  • Frame a different problem/opportunity.
  • Evangelize a different future.
  • Show customers how your “solution” bridges the gap from the problem/opportunity to the different future.

Most importantly, the company that evangelizes the POV is immediately viewed as the leader.

Ask these questions to create your POV.

  • What’s your POV? What are you actually saying? Which direction are you leading people’s thinking? (If you are leading them in the same direction as everyone else, you are part of the noise.)
  • What is the transformation as a result of adopting this POV? When someone follows your line of thinking, where do they end up? A real-estate flipping seminar in the basement of a church in Las Vegas, or Jerusalem? On a scale of 1 to 10, how DIFFERENT is their life (and/or business) before & after listening to, digesting, and internalizing your new POV?
  • How can you get your Superconsumers to hear & adopt your POV? Enabling the most influential people in your category to evangelize your POV is the fastest path to enduring, exponential growth. Which means your primary focus should NOT be to get “anyone” to hear your POV, but to leverage the attention and enthusiasm of your Superconsumers.

The rule of thumb here is that if your tagline, and subsequent POV can easily work for someone else, that means you don’t have a POV.

A few standout POVs:

  • Keurig: “Single-serve coffee.”
  • iRobot: “Robot vacuum cleaner.”
  • Vinebox: “Premium wine by the glass.”

Most companies don’t design new categories and then consciously, intentionally, and carefully construct a POV that customers can hear once, internalize, and repeat to their friends and family.

But the most legendary companies do all of the above, plus one more step…

I wrote about this topic in a mini-book called The Power Of A Point Of View.

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