9 Simple Ways To Make Every Monday More Productive

If you’re ever feeling unproductive, it’s most likely because you’ve accidentally made the wrong decision.

1. Unproductive people “accidentally” sleep in.

2. Unproductive people “accidentally” check their email, first.

3. Unproductive people “accidentally” attend meetings they don’t need to attend.

4. Unproductive people “accidentally” avoid their hardest tasks.

5. Unproductive people “accidentally” drag conversations on for longer than they need to.

6. Unproductive people “accidentally” choose what is easy over what is difficult.

7. Unproductive people “accidentally” listen to pop music over classical music.

8. Unproductive people “accidentally” keep their phone off silent.

9. Unproductive people “accidentally” fill their evenings with all the wrong things.

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