7 Signs AI Is Going To Replace You (Especially Writers)

Nicolas Cole
5 min readMar 23
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Your job is going to be replaced by AI.

Does hearing that make your heart stop? Does it make you nervous and uncertain? Is it uncomfortable?

Whether you believe this statement (”Your job is going to be replaced by AI”) is true… I strongly encourage you to operate as if it is.

Here’s why:

7 Signs AI Is Going To Replace You

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just going to affect “a handful” of industries.

It’s going to affect every industry, all over the world, starting now.

Which means, if you want to have a thriving career over the next ~30 years, if you want to remain relevant, and if you don’t want to get caught with your pants down (ouch), then you are better off ASSUMING AI is going to impact you — versus assuming AI “won’t” impact you. The former will be prepared, and the latter will be left behind.

So, with that in mind: how can you tell how “at-risk” you are?

These are the 7 (subtle) signs AI is most likely going to replace you — and what you can do about it.

Sign #1: You get paid per hour (for digital work).

10 years ago, everyone thought the physical laborers (plumbers, electricians, etc.) would be first to get “automated away.”

Turns out, that’s wrong.

It’s the digital “do-ers” that will be first to go.

“Hourly” is a signal you are getting paid for your TIME and your EFFORT.

Not your value.

The age of AI is going to (painfully) reveal how many people have been getting paid to “sit there” versus getting paid to generate an outcome. So, if you are currently being paid hourly, you need to recognize that you are severely at-risk of being automated away.

Almost any digital task being outsourced at an hourly rate can, and will soon be, completely doable by AI.

Sign #2: You are a “Digital Laborer”

These are the new blue-collar jobs:

  • SEO writers
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