4 Ways To Build Trust As A Ghostwriter (Internet Celebrity Status Not Required)

Nicolas Cole
4 min readNov 30, 2023

I want to help you start building trust as a ghostwriter (and leverage it into more business than you know what to do with).

But before we get into it, here’s the 1 thing you need to know:

Being a highly-paid ghostwriter doesn’t require as much credibility as you think.

In fact, your job, as a ghostwriter (and Solopreneur of any kind) is to give people the language you want them to use when introducing you. Because guess what? The more specific you are about the language you want people to use, the easier it will be for them to copy/paste that language and repeat it over and over again.

When this happens, the game is won.

And your client will assume your are the right person for the job… BECAUSE THEY ARE USING YOUR LANGUAGE.

So, let’s walk through exactly how to do that for yourself.

4 Ways To Build Trust As A Ghostwriter

There are 4 ways to build trust as a ghostwriter — and to be honest, none of them have anything to do with “achieving” something noteworthy.

#1: Your Bio

Here’s what happens when you get introduced to someone, or they stumble across your profile online.

  • They look you up.
  • They click on your social profile.
  • And the very first thing they do is read your bio.

And if your bio says, “I ghostwrite Educational Email Courses for health and wellness brands ,” guess what they assume about you? THAT YOU GHOSTWRITE EDUCATIONAL EMAIL COURSES FOR HEALTH AND WELLNESS BRANDS!!!!!!

All you have to do is say what you do, right there, right away in your bio, and people will internalize that as “the truth.”


#2: Your Content



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