3 Pricing Fears All Freelance Writers Face (And How To Beat Them)

Nicolas Cole
3 min readFeb 23, 2024

The subject of pricing is a hot topic in freelance writing circles.

But the “business of pricing” isn’t really about the price itself. The largest barrier to increasing the price you quote on sales calls isn’t actually knowing how much to charge.

The biggest obstacles to overcome are:

  • Faulty pricing beliefs
  • Not realizing what’s possible for yourself
  • Getting in your own way when communicating your value

We’ve spoken to hundreds of writers brand new to the world of ghostwriting and the root cause of all their pricing fears (and what puts those obstacles in their way) is how you feel about yourself.

You can be handed everything to seal the deal:

  • How much you should charge
  • How to frame the value and package your service
  • The script for how to overcome any logical objection the potential client might have

But unless you believe you deserve it, you’ll never ask for the price you want.

Let’s dive into the 3 pricing fears holding you back (and how to overcome them).

Fear #1: “I’m afraid the client is going to say ‘No.’”

If you’re a struggling writer trying to make rent, you’re not going to take the risk of losing a potential client by pushing up your rates.

When you’re stuck in a scarcity mentality, you don’t optimize for upsides. All you focus on is the risk of quoting a higher price. You avoid pitching any kind of premium pricing because if you lose, you’ve lost that month’s rent. You end up working 14 hour days, writing for seven different clients and barely keeping your head above water.

The way to beat this fear is by putting 20% of your time aside to place bigger bets. In other words, try pitching higher and higher prices.

If you fail, you have your 80% to fall back on and you’ve just eliminated a low-paying client (that’s a good thing!).

Fear #2: “I’m afraid the client is going to get upset.”



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