10 Types Of Viral Written Content

There are 10 types of viral written content.

Anyone can use these, and they’re proven for a reason:

1. Things That Don’t Go Together

Irony piques all curiosity. “What Do Oprah, Joe Rogan, And The Pope All Have In Common? This 1 Simple Morning Habit”

2. Big Numbers

People love reading about big, out of the ordinary, outlier examples of universal problems. “3,000,000 People Make This Mistake On Their Taxes Each Year”

3. Dollar Signs

“How Much Money Is $1 Billion Dollars, Really? Take A Look, Measured In Rice”

4. Credible Names

“Will Smith’s Advice On How To Live A Fulfilling Life Will Change The Way You See The World Forever”

5. This Just Happened

Words like “Just, Recently, Today, Now” etc., all spark urgency.

6. The “Zero To Hero” Transformation Story

I started here. I ended up over there. Here’s how it happened.

7. Question/Answer

“What Keeps People From Getting Divorced? These 7 Small But Crucial Acts Of Kindness”

8. Insider Information

“3 Things All Successful Venture Capital Firms Do To Invest Early In Unicorn Companies”

9. Audience-Specific Curated Lists

“You Were Born In The 90s If You Remember Any Of These 33 Classic Toys”

10. Polarizing Statements

“Raising Money Is For Suckers: The Bootstrapper’s Guide To Building A Startup”

This is an Atomic Essay from the Ship 30 for 30 daily writing challenge.

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