$10,000,000 Worth Of Sales Copy Advice (In 7 Phrases)

Nicolas Cole
6 min readNov 28, 2023

One of the biggest myths in all of writing is that there is “writing” and then there is “selling.”

  • Writing = good, smart, helpful, etc.
  • Selling = bad, sleazy, scammy, etc.

There is a misconception in the world of communication that “sales copy” is what you do when trying to “trick” customers into buying your products. As if, the moment you start to speak about the benefit or the outcome of what you are providing the person, you have entered unforgivable territory.

God forbid you sell!

As a result, since so many people are afraid of coming off as “salesy,” they over-rotate in the opposite direction.

They talk about themselves.

  • “I worked very hard on this book.”
  • “I spend 100 hours creating this course.”
  • “I care so, so much about this topic.”

Or, they are try to appeal to “everyone” by being vague.

  • “Synchronicity at its finest.”
  • “The change we seek in the world.”
  • “Greatness for all.”

(These phrases mean nothing — and the reader/customer has absolutely no idea what you’re…



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